Anna Tafuri | Medical Director, Translational Medicine Oncology
Bayer HealthCare

Anna Tafuri, Medical Director, Translational Medicine Oncology, Bayer HealthCare

Dr. Anna Tafuri is Medical Director within the Bayer Translational Medicine Oncology She has been responsible for the clinical translation and design of the FiH trials evaluating the first two TTC compounds targeting solid tumors within the Bayer Targeted Alpha therapy platform, and is currently medically responsible for these trials. Before working in the pharmaceutical industry, she worked at the German Cancer Research Center, at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and at the INSERM in France. Her academic research focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of T cell tolerance and activation, contributing to elucidate the function of the ICOS and ICOSL costimulatory molecules and of the Nck adaptor molecules in T cell signaling.


European Antibody Congress 2018, Day 1 @ 16:30

Targeted alpha therapy: hopes and challenges of a novel anti-cancer approach

  • The alpha particle-emitter thorium-227 can be conjugated through a chelator to a wide range of targeting molecules (e.g. monoclonal antibodies)
  • High linear energy transfer of alpha particles results in clusterer double-strand DNA damage in targeted tumor
  • Limited range of alpha-irradiation (2-10 cell diameters) reduces damage to healthy tissues surrounding tumor cells
  • Preliminary evidence suggest that alpha-particles induce in vitro immunogenic cell death
  • Alpha therapy enables clinically feasible supply logistic with centralized manufacturing sites, 48h drug product delivery and out-patient treatment
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