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Stem Sel Srl


Stem Sel, a new firm for cellular biotechnologies
Today cellular biotechnology can rely on a brand new Italian excellence: Stem Sel. We present an innovative and efficient method to select stem cells. We are a university spinoff founded November 2013. Our business then is at its startup phase. Its core activity bases on creating and developing novel, proprietary technologies to decline them into products able to select stem cells from adult tissues with the highest potential, also for future medical use.
Our first product, the brand new device “Celector”, will significantly improve applications in the field of cellular biotechnologies targeted to stem cell therapies.
Celector, the revolutionary idea
Celector is our first product based on our proprietary methodology that isolates and sorts stem cells without immunotags. The novel methodology cellects cells due to their physical differences only. This absence of immunotags is the unique feature of celector and it avoids possible cell alteration, and it helps cells keeping their native, regenerative power.
Novelty and unique features of Celector make Stem Sel a potential leader in the industry of technologies and tools for cell treatments. Celector aims to change the operational framework of stem cell characterization and production in R&D labs, cell banks, cell factories and, in the future, in clinics.
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