Chet Velani | Marketing Director

Chet Velani, Marketing Director, EValue

Chet Velani is the Marketing Director at EValue, responsible for the development of
effective marketing strategies to achieve the company’s business objectives. A fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Chet oversees the marketing function which is responsible for EValue’s PR relations, branding, website development and social media.

Passionate about designing innovative ways to engage clients with EValue’s sophisticated digital financial planning capabilities, Chet has proven expertise and a strong track record of creating sales and marketing activities that increase brand awareness to help drive business results.

Chet has been with EValue for a decade, over which time he has made a significant contribution to both the technical and operational advancements that EValue has achieved. His breadth of expertise, covering actuarial, sales and delivery management, combined with his creativity, drive and leadership qualities, have enabled Chet to spearhead the marketing department. By implementing a number of dynamic marketing and communication strategies, Chet has helped clients to fully understand the transformational benefits of EValue’s cutting-edge financial planning solutions.

By continuing to identify opportunities to penetrate relevant financial markets, Chet’s goal is to maximise EValue’s exposure and generate strategies that clearly convey the company’s fundamental aim. That is, to enable clients to transform their services and offerings, by creating engaging and enlightening solutions, which provide their customers with a better experience and drive better outcomes whilst maintaining their competitive edge.


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 14:40

Digital Advice Transformation

-The Emerging Digital Adviser - 2x, 10x and 100x – Consistent, efficient and personalised advice at scale- Making the journey more efficient through to fully automated advice- Examples of how adviser firms have improved their ability to serve customers- New methods of engaging customers in a fully automated advice process
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