Charlotte Ransom | Founder and CEO

Charlotte Ransom, Founder and CEO, Netwealth

Charlotte is the founder and CEO of Netwealth, a leading UK online wealth manager. Having started her career at JPMorgan she spent 20 years at Goldman Sachs, serving as a partner for 10 years. Her leadership roles spanned relationship management, marketing and product development in the Securities Division. From 2006 to 2011, Charlotte was head of Institutional Wealth Management and the Market Solutions Groups for Europe, Middle East and Asia in the Investment Management Division. From 2012, she explored the impact of digital technologies on a variety of industries before founding Netwealth in 2015.


Wealth 2.0 Day 2 - 29th November 2018 @ 11:40

Charities, trusts and foundations - A new, old wealth?

  • Low internal capacity to invest effectively and efficiently
  • Key importance of an organisations mission to making social investments
  • Creating liquidity is vital
  • Bespoke, segregated, portfolios individually tailored for each client's unique set of requirements and investment goals.
last published: 22/Nov/18 10:45 GMT

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