Liquidia Technologies

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Liquidia Technologies, founded in 2004, is a privately held biotechnology company located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  By leveraging precise fabrication techniques of the semiconductor industry, Liquidia has become the only company in the world with the ability to rapidly design and manufacture precisely engineered particles of virtually any size, shape, or composition using a unique particle engineering and manufacturing platform known as the PRINT® (Particle Replication In Non-Wetting Templates) technology.  This unique ability to precisely engineer particles enables scientists to explore new product frontiers that, until now, have been out of reach for the life sciences industry.  Liquidia and its partners are currently exploring the application of this novel technology to develop products in several high growth areas such as vaccines, pulmonology and oncology.  In addition to the development of its own products, Liquidia licenses the PRINT particle technology and its cGMP manufacturing capabilities to support proprietary programs advanced by collaborators.  For more information, please go to