Harrisvaccines, Inc.

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Harrisvaccines is an emerging leader in the development and commercialization of herd-specific, rapid response, and efficient vaccines.  Our vaccines target newer and/or difficult-to-control disease outbreaks that threaten today’s food-producing livestock.     One clear advantage for us is our ability to rapidly produce a vaccine designed and manufactured specifically for an individual disease profile faced by a given producer at a competitive price.  We use state-of-the-art advanced molecular science employing a proprietary Replicon ("RNA") Particle Technology Platform, known as SirraVaxSM, to develop these rapid-response, herd-specific solutions for livestock producers.  In our process, we identify genetic sequences, present in viral infections, to create strain-specific vaccines.  After identification of a viral genetic sequence, vaccine development using our platform takes only four to six weeks before it is available for distribution and administration.  This is much faster than the typical time period it takes today's leading companies to develop and produce traditional vaccines. Since we can respond so quickly, we have been very effective in assisting our customers rapidly in containing and eradicating diseases, resulting in their increased productivity and profitability.