Bend Research

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Science. Engineering. Technology. Combined the right way, they enable us to solve difficult problems and achieve our mission of improving health through the advancement of our clients’ best new medicines.

Bend Research is the leader in drug delivery technologies and formulation development. What sets Bend Research apart is a depth of knowledge and experience in fundamental science and engineering. We’re known for enhancing the bioavailability of low-solubility compounds, but offer much more.

We focus on developing a deep scientific understanding of our clients’ most challenging drug development problems, and applying novel solutions to advance difficult compounds to market.

Bend Research has expertise in the following capabilities and technologies:

Our Capabilties
  • Formulation Science
  • Dosage Form Development
  • Process Development / Engineering
  • cGMP Manufacturing
  • Bioprocessing and Biotherapeutics
  • Analytical Sciences
Our Technologies
  • Solubility Enhancement
  • Modified Release
  • Inhalation

Bend Research is also focused on the future and exploring new technology solutions with our clients every day, developing new capabilities and technologies for the next generation of the best new medicines.

Our Approach

Bend Research offers a different approach. Our multidisciplinary teams have a breadth of experience working within a streamlined, vertically integrated structure. That means we provide a continuum of pharmaceutical development solutions, providing clients with the capabilities and technologies they need to advance promising drug candidates from early discovery to commercialization. We work hard to understand clients’ needs, develop clearly defined problem statements, and provide innovative yet practical solutions to problems in tight timeframes.

But we’re not a technology vendor. We work to solve problems rather than working to make problems fit our technology solutions. As a result, we have partnerships with a broad network of other companies, providing additional expertise to create the best solutions for our clients. We are the industry leader in perfecting the formulation of complex compounds. Our scope is comprehensive. Our track record is long, and our reputation for excellence is unchallenged. Our purpose is to improve people’s health by advancing our clients’ best new medicines.

Welcome to Bend Research. Achieve Value Through Science.