David Abt, Associate Partner, Delta Partners

David Abt | Associate Partner | Delta Partners » speaking at TWME

Mutasem Adas, VP Global Enterprise Business Unit, Kalaam Telecom

Mutasem Adas | VP Global Enterprise Business Unit | Kalaam Telecom » speaking at TWME

Sakher Murad Al Adaileh, Head of Growth & Monetization, Botim/ Astratech

Sakher Murad Al Adaileh | Head of Growth & Monetization | Botim/ Astratech » speaking at TWME

Adil Mohammed Al Araimi, Vice President of Products, Awasr

Dr. Jassim Al Awadhi, Teleco & Digital Transformation, Independent Expert

Mohamed Al Hakmani, Head Product Management, Vodafone Oman

Mohamed Al Hakmani | Head Product Management | Vodafone Oman » speaking at TWME

Elie Antoun, Head of Telecom & Media MENA, Meta

Elie Antoun | Head of Telecom & Media MENA | Meta » speaking at TWME

Imran Aslam, Chief Strategy & Governance Officer, stc Bahrain

Imran Aslam | Chief Strategy & Governance Officer | stc Bahrain » speaking at TWME

Ahad Bhai, Chief Executive Officer Founder, Bongo

Ahad Bhai | Chief Executive Officer Founder | Bongo » speaking at TWME

Dario Bianchi, Chief Digital Officer, MTN

Bachir Boumediene, Carrier Partnerships MENA & India, Snap inc

Bachir Boumediene | Carrier Partnerships MENA & India | Snap inc » speaking at TWME

Laura Buckwell, Anchor, Journalist, Independent Moderator

Laura Buckwell | Anchor, Journalist | Independent Moderator » speaking at TWME

Wilson Xavier Chackalaparambil, Senior Research Director - ICT Services, MENA, IDC

Wilson Xavier Chackalaparambil | Senior Research Director - ICT Services, MENA | IDC » speaking at TWME

Zaher Chami, Sales Director, Orange

Manish Chandra, Ex. Director & CSO, 6D Technologies

Manish Chandra | Ex. Director & CSO | 6D Technologies » speaking at TWME

Houda Chihi, Chief Engineer, Tunisia Telecom

Krishna Chinta, Program Manager, IDC

Maged Danial, Strategy and Business Development Director of Data and Digital Transformation, Zain Saudi Arabia

Maged Danial | Strategy and Business Development Director of Data and Digital Transformation | Zain Saudi Arabia » speaking at TWME

Arun Dehiri, Managing Director, Red Dawn Consulting

Arun Dehiri | Managing Director | Red Dawn Consulting » speaking at TWME

Pascal Dufour, Vice President - MENA & Turkey, Digital Virgo

Alaa El Dalghan, Managing Director, CognitDX

Alaa El Dalghan | Managing Director | CognitDX » speaking at TWME

Hani ELKukhun, Chief Executive Officer - MEA, Beyond One

Markus Golder, Chief Executive Officer, Intigral

Markus Golder | Chief Executive Officer | Intigral » speaking at TWME

Nick Gorgoglione, Head of Marketing, Vodafone

Nick Gorgoglione | Head of Marketing | Vodafone » speaking at TWME

Isabelle Hajri, Chief Marketing Officer, Ooredoo Algeria

Isabelle Hajri | Chief Marketing Officer | Ooredoo Algeria » speaking at TWME

Andrew Hanna, Chief Executive Officer, ZainTECH

Jay Himanshu Johar, Partner & Client Services, Wireless Federation

Jay Himanshu Johar | Partner & Client Services | Wireless Federation » speaking at TWME

Jan Holzberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone

Jan Holzberg | Chief Commercial Officer | Vodafone » speaking at TWME

Yasser Hussein, B2C Sales Director, EarthLink Telecommunications

Yasser Hussein | B2C Sales Director | EarthLink Telecommunications » speaking at TWME

Asif Muhammad Iqbal, Head of Data & AI CoE, Maxis Communications

Hamad Khalifa khalifa, Head of Telecom Division: Infrastructure Department, ICT Center, Abu Dhabi police

Hamad Khalifa khalifa | Head of Telecom Division: Infrastructure Department, ICT Center | Abu Dhabi police » speaking at TWME

Adnan Khan, Department Head Marketing: Corporate, Government & ICT Solutions, Ooredoo

Tolga Kilic, Strategy Director, TURKCELL

Daniel Kjellander, VP, Middle East & Nordics, CSG

Daniel Kjellander | VP, Middle East & Nordics | CSG » speaking at TWME

Amithap Krishnan, Head of Security Consulting, AMEA, BT Group

John Lacey, John Lacey - Country Manager, Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Games Global

John Lacey | John Lacey - Country Manager, Level Infinite MENA | Tencent Games Global » speaking at TWME

Walid Macary, Director of Sales and Partnerships, STARZPLAY

Bill Marra, Chief Commercial Officer, Cinturion Group

Alain Mayni, Head of Tech, Media, Telecoms & Professional Services - MENA, Meta

Miles McWilliams, Head - Global Business Internet, Content & Security Solutions, Deutsche Telekom

Miles McWilliams | Head - Global Business Internet, Content & Security Solutions | Deutsche Telekom » speaking at TWME

Roland Montagne, Principal Analyst FTTx & Broadband, IDATE DigiWorld

Eric Morhenn, Chief Commercial Officer, LotusFlare

Kevin Mutuma, Carrier Business Director - Africa, China Mobile International

Kevin Mutuma | Carrier Business Director - Africa | China Mobile International » speaking at TWME

Sami Nashwan, Chief Growth Officer, Beyond One

Sami Nashwan | Chief Growth Officer | Beyond One » speaking at TWME

Mohamed Nasr, Chief Executive Officer, Telecom Egypt

Mohamed Nasr | Chief Executive Officer | Telecom Egypt » speaking at TWME

Kamal Okba, Chief Executive Officer, Tigo Tanzania Ltd

Kamal Okba | Chief Executive Officer | Tigo Tanzania Ltd » speaking at TWME

Rachelle Peterson, Senior Vice President, DAZN

Ershad Pettiwala, Acting Commercial Director, Virgin Mobile

Ershad Pettiwala | Acting Commercial Director | Virgin Mobile » speaking at TWME

Norbert Prihoda, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Tunisia Telecom

Naser Refaat, Chief Technology Officer, Rotana Media Group

Naser Refaat | Chief Technology Officer | Rotana Media Group » speaking at TWME

Ryan Restell, VP, Strategy & Growth, OSN+

Ryan Restell | VP, Strategy & Growth | OSN+ » speaking at TWME

Valentino Serino, Head of Partnerships, Busuu

Imran Shaikh, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Mobile UAE

Imran Shaikh | Chief Technology Officer | Virgin Mobile UAE » speaking at TWME

Adrian Shatku, Chief Executive Officer, WIS Telecom SA

Adrian Shatku | Chief Executive Officer | WIS Telecom SA » speaking at TWME

Anthony George Shiner, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Africa

Paolo Remo Storti, Chief Executive Officer, Zextras

Paolo Remo Storti | Chief Executive Officer | Zextras » speaking at TWME

Fayaz Taher, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Bongo

Ahmed Tayar, Cyber Defense Center Director, stc

Simone Trimarchi, Product Manager, Cookies Digital

Simone Trimarchi | Product Manager | Cookies Digital » speaking at TWME

Cedric Vansteenkiste, Redbull Mobile KSA

Cedric Vansteenkiste |  | Redbull Mobile KSA » speaking at TWME

Scott Weeman, Head of B2B & Partnerships, Shahid (MBC)

Scott Weeman | Head of B2B & Partnerships | Shahid (MBC) » speaking at TWME

Donna Williams, Chief Finanical Officer, BNET

Donna Williams | Chief Finanical Officer | BNET » speaking at TWME

Fuat Tolga Yalcin, Senior Research Manager, IDC

Paulo Zanotto, Head of Product, MDS Global

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