Steven Turner | Chief Executive Officer
SimulTV | United States

Steven Turner, Chief Executive Officer, SimulTV

Steven Turner keeps IMN Systems focused on giving clients the best in the IPTV, OTT and the Social TV experience with SimulTV. He is the primary engineering architect of the online cable TV Internet platform that combines the social lifestyle with interactive networking capabilities to provide the ultimate in business flexibility, user experience and family entertainment. He has 15 years of experience in the cable and satellite field and has been awarded over 14 accreditations with multiple degrees in arts, engineering and software.  Mr. Turner is currently serving on the Advisory boards for both the business and education institutions. 
Mr. Turner has been interviewed about SimulTV and it's groundbreaking interactive social experience by over 50 companies including Fox News, The O'Riley Factor, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Huffington Post and countless others throughout China and Japan. Mr. Turner currently resides in Japan with his wife and two daughters. This affords Steven the time and opportunity to travel abroad throughout Asia and back to the United States to market and educate the masses on the social benefits of SimulTV.


Telecoms World ME day 2 @ 12:20

Envisioning the future of advertising with OTTs

  • Transitioning to streaming services, smart TVs and connected devices
  • Creating an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers and increase engagement
  • Building a higher brand awareness and favorability compared to mobile and desktop users

Telecoms World ME day 2 @ 14:40

Building the best package: the future of OTT in the age of IoT

  • Striving to meet demand: OTT Vs satellite
  • Delivering the right content at the right time, on the right device
  • Looking to the future: will OTT replace traditional broadcast television?
last published: 20/Aug/19 15:15 GMT

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