Miles Mcwilliams | Head - Global Business, Internet, Content And Security Solutions
Deutsche Telekom | United Kingdom

Miles Mcwilliams, Head - Global Business, Internet, Content And Security Solutions, Deutsche Telekom

Miles McWilliams represents the International Wholesale Sales Division of Internet, Content and Security Solutions (ASN3320) at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier 

Miles operates at the highest level within the Internet, Content and Security space on a global scale for Deutsche Telekom.  Wholesale Solutions and Consultancy is provided to other service providers to aid new Internet, Content and Security product launches.  Assist with growth plans and bridge limitations identified within existing product portfolios and service offerings. Deutsche Telekom's scale, stability and capabilities are leveraged to help partners develop a value proposition to acquire market share and increase profitability.  Naturally in return this creates new revenue streams for Deutsche Telekom and lucrative monetisation modals beneficial to all parties


Telecoms World ME day 1 @ 15:20


    apid expansion of over the top (OTT) companies such as Netflix, Skype and Google have brought concerns for the traditional wholesale carrier. Traditional players must do what is within their power to counter this threat. They can either defend their territory against these new players or they can find ways to collaborate with them. In order to collaborate, wholesale carriers must first understand their distinct capabilities and assets in order to leverage them adequately. A growing consensus points towards finding anddeveloping the profit pools where their particular capabilities offer the greatest chances of success.

    No more free rides for OTTs: counter the threat or collaborate?
  • Envisioning the role of the future wholesale carrier
  • Identifying OTTs as a growing market opportunity
  • Leveraging carrier assets and capabilities against the rise of OTTs
  • Questioning whether carriers should change or adapt to the movement of huge volumes of data
  • Developing sufficient profit pools offering the greatest chance of success
  • Focusing on the wholesale telecom services required by OTTs
  • Selling to OTTs in a mutually beneficial wayReserved for sponsor
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