Miles Mcwilliams | Head - Global Business, Internet, Content And Security Solutions
Deutsche Telekom | United Kingdom

Miles Mcwilliams, Head - Global Business, Internet, Content And Security Solutions, Deutsche Telekom

Miles McWilliams represents the International Wholesale Sales Division of Internet, Content and Security Solutions (ASN3320) at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier 

Miles operates at the highest level within the Internet, Content and Security space on a global scale for Deutsche Telekom.  Wholesale Solutions and Consultancy is provided to other service providers to aid new Internet, Content and Security product launches.  Assist with growth plans and bridge limitations identified within existing product portfolios and service offerings. Deutsche Telekom's scale, stability and capabilities are leveraged to help partners develop a value proposition to acquire market share and increase profitability.  Naturally in return this creates new revenue streams for Deutsche Telekom and lucrative monetisation modals beneficial to all parties


Telecoms World ME day 2 @ 11:40


    , submarine cables are a critical piece of the digital infrastructure puzzle. The industry is expanding rapidly – but not quickly enough to meet the demand for capacity. The Indian market is developing rapidly with 20 subsea cables and 19 landing stations, as is the Middle East which offers a unique opportunity. The Middle East region with 15 countries, has 14 countries landing 32 subsea cables complemented by six terrestrial cables with combined 105 cable landings. This panel will explore the driving forces behind the growth of submarine cables plus investment and partnership opportunities.

    Under the sea: the changing nature of subsea cables
  • Forecasting soaring bandwidth and its effect on the submarine cable industry
  • Leveraging existing resources, maximising investment and increasing revenues with CDNs
  • Enabling the reselling of infrastructure capacity to content providers, aggregators, broadcasters and OTTs
  • Ensuring sufficient streaming and storage capacity to tenants based on demand
  • Distributing content via servers in data centres to enhance the internet user experience
  • Exploring the possible investment opportunities and partnerships of the region and recent success stories
  • Consortium, private or hybrid models?
  • Raising concern over the vulnerability of subsea cables possibly resulting in increased government funding
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