Dayong Zhang | Chief Technical Officer
China Telecom Global Ltd. | United Kingdom

Dayong Zhang, Chief Technical Officer, China Telecom Global Ltd.

Mr Dayong Zhang has 20 years’ experience in the telecom industry. He is currently working as chief technical officer for China Telecom (Africa and Mid East)  managing the network infrastructure in the MEA region.


Telecoms World ME day 1 @ 14:20


    orld’s emerging markets are crucial to the global economy. Home to between 80-85% of the world’s population, they contribute to almost three quarters of the global GDP growth. Connectivity is developing rapidly, however there are approximately three billion people in the world without access to mobile internet and 870 million without access to a mobile. Carriers face challenges of inadequate infrastructure and weak business models in order to tap into these markets. This panel will explore the necessary steps for carriers to maximise opportunities based on three pillars; supporting national ICT policies, building a healthy ecosystem and creating an effective end-to-end business model.

    Building the electronic bridges to the world
  • Building a healthy ecosystem for emerging businesses
  • Fostering collaboration between regulators, stakeholders, industry partners, operators and suppliers
  • Developing supply utilities such as transportation, power grids and facilities
  • Orchestrating regulations to ensure spectrum availability
  • Providing affordable, convenient digital services to improve the lives of customers
  • Developing a profitable business model by facilitating spectrum utilisation and agile site development
  • Encouraging investment by providing demand
  • Maximising user value and innovative digital services for revenue growth
  • Adapting to emerging market characteristics
  • Connecting the East to West: exploiting the strategic location of the Middle East through subsea cables
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