23 - 24 February 2021 | 8AM - 5PM GMT


The next frontier of the energy transition


a unique event at a critical STAGE IN THE ENERGY TRANSITION

A unique digital event at a critical stage in the energy transition, brought to you by the team who launched SPARK


Electrification can only go so far in achieving a carbon neutral economy. Hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonisation of many areas of transport, heavy industry, and heating. From the European Union to Australia, governments around the world are publishing hydrogen strategies pledging to ramp up production and uptake between now and 2050.

SPARK-H will support the growth of the clean hydrogen sector by showcasing the latest projects and innovations and providing a virtual space for partners across the value chain to meet, no matter where they are in the world.




spark-h speakers include:


Nienke Homan, Deputy Minister for Climate and Energy transition, Province of Groningen
Nienke Homan
Deputy Minister for Climate and Energy transition
Province of Groningen
Albert van der Molen, Expert Asset Management, Stedin
Albert van der Molen
Expert Asset Management
Aaron Robinson, Senior Manager - Environmental Strategy and Sustainability, United Airlines
Aaron Robinson
Senior Manager - Environmental Strategy and Sustainability
United Airlines
Jonathon Counsell, Group Head Of Sustainability, International Airlines Group
Jonathon Counsell
Group Head Of Sustainability
International Airlines Group
David Joffe, Head of Carbon Budgets, UK Committee on Climate Change
David Joffe
Head of Carbon Budgets
UK Committee on Climate Change
Peter Ekholm, CEO, Inslandsbanan Railway
Peter Ekholm
Inslandsbanan Railway
Dr. Thomas Nietsch, Head of Future Energy Department, ABO Wind
Dr. Thomas Nietsch
Head of Future Energy Department
ABO Wind
Madadh MacLaine, Secretary General, Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association
Madadh MacLaine
Secretary General
Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association
René Schutte, Program Manager Hydrogen, Gasunie
René Schutte
Program Manager Hydrogen
Carlo Borghini, Executive Director, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking
Carlo Borghini
Executive Director
Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking  
Andre Loesekrug-Pietri, Chairman, Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI)
Andre Loesekrug-Pietri
Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI)
Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables
Morag Watson
Director of Policy
Scottish Renewables  
Ian Foster, Group Engineering Director, Metroline Travel
Ian Foster
Group Engineering Director
Metroline Travel
Jan Ingwersen, General Director, ENTSOG
Jan Ingwersen
General Director
John Sadlier, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ardagh Glass
John Sadlier
Chief Sustainability Officer
Ardagh Glass  
Steve Czonka
Steve Czonka
Executive Director
Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)
Thomas Bjørdal, Project Manager, The Norwegian Renewable Energy Cluster RENERGY
Thomas Bjørdal
Project Manager
The Norwegian Renewable Energy Cluster RENERGY
Richard Hulf, Managing Director, Hydrogen One Capital
Richard Hulf
Managing Director
Hydrogen One Capital
Randall Krantz, Senior Project Adviser, Decarbonizing Shipping, Global Maritime Forum
Randall Krantz
Senior Project Adviser, Decarbonizing Shipping
Global Maritime Forum  
Dr Cristina Garcia-Duffy, Head of Technology Strategy and Integration, Aerospace Technology Institute
Dr Cristina Garcia-Duffy
Head of Technology Strategy and Integration
Aerospace Technology Institute


For hydrogen to become a viable solution for decarbonisation, the production of hydrogen from renewable sources via electrolysis needs to be greatly expanded and made more efficient and cost-effective.
The development of new or repurposed infrastructure for the storage and transportation of hydrogen.
Innovations in fuel cell technology for heating and modes of transport such as aviation, shipping, rail, bus, and trucking.

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Calling all startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs!

We’d like to showcase the most interesting technologies, partnership models, and ideas in the field. If you qualify as a start-up in the hydrogen space, we invite you to join the event as a digital exhibitor absolutely free.

(Please note that established vendor organisations will of course be able to exhibit as paid exhibitors)


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Featuring two days of of curated content from world-leading innovators and disruptors in the energy sector: SPARK will bring together traditional and novel business models. 

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