23 - 24 February 2021 | 8AM - 5PM GMT


The next frontier of the energy transition



a unique event at a critical STAGE IN THE ENERGY TRANSITION

A unique digital event at a critical stage in the energy transition, brought to you by the team who launched SPARK


Electrification can only go so far in achieving a carbon neutral economy. Hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonisation of many areas of transport, heavy industry, and heating. From the European Union to Australia, governments around the world are publishing hydrogen strategies pledging to ramp up production and uptake between now and 2050.

SPARK-H will support the growth of the clean hydrogen sector by showcasing the latest projects and innovations and providing a virtual space for partners across the value chain to meet, no matter where they are in the world.

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Right now we’re inviting the most exciting minds in the industry to join us. Please come back to see who we’ve added.

Top speakers at SPARK-H included:

Michel van der Mark, Director Market Development Groningen Drenthe, QBuzz
Michel van der Mark
, Director Market Development Groningen Drenthe
Jonathon Counsell, Group Head of Sustainability, International Airlines Group
Jonathon Counsell
Group Head of Sustainability
International Airlines Group  
Phil de Luna, Program Director, Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge
Phil de Luna
Program Director
Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge
David Barnett, General Manager Engineering, Translink
David Barnett
General Manager Engineering
Martin West, Senior Vehicles Engineer, Transport for London
Martin West
Senior Vehicles Engineer
Transport for London
Dr Oliver Weinmann, Managing Director, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
Dr Oliver Weinmann
Managing Director
Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
Matt Gorman, Director of Sustainability, Heathrow Airport
Matt Gorman
Director of Sustainability
Heathrow Airport
Nienke Homan, Deputy Minister for Climate and Energy transition, Province of Groningen
Nienke Homan
Deputy Minister for Climate and Energy transition
Province of Groningen
Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables
Morag Watson
Director of Policy
Scottish Renewables
Adam Madgett, HyDeploy 2 Project Manager, Northern Gas Networks
Adam Madgett
HyDeploy 2 Project Manager
Northern Gas Networks  
Dr Cristina Garcia-Duffy, Head of Technology Strategy and Integration, Aerospace Technology Institute
Dr Cristina Garcia-Duffy
Head of Technology Strategy and Integration
Aerospace Technology Institute
Alexis Percival, Environmental & Sustainability Manager, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Alexis Percival
, Environmental & Sustainability Manager
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust  
Anna Douglas, Sustainable Industry & Innovation strategist & process leader, Region Gävleborg
Anna Douglas
Sustainable Industry & Innovation strategist & process leader
Region Gävleborg
Anthony Green, Project Director Hydrogen, National Grid
Anthony Green
Project Director Hydrogen
National Grid
Gideon Saunders, Regulation and Energy Policy Lead, ONTRAS
Gideon Saunders
Regulation and Energy Policy Lead


For hydrogen to become a viable solution for decarbonisation, the production of hydrogen from renewable sources via electrolysis needs to be greatly expanded and made more efficient and cost-effective.
The development of new or repurposed infrastructure for the storage and transportation of hydrogen.
Innovations in fuel cell technology for heating and modes of transport such as aviation, shipping, rail, bus, and trucking.

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Calling all startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs!

We’d like to showcase the most interesting technologies, partnership models, and ideas in the field. If you qualify as a start-up in the hydrogen space, we invite you to join the event as a digital exhibitor absolutely free.

(Please note that established vendor organisations will of course be able to exhibit as paid exhibitors)



SPARK-H presents a unique range of marketing, lead generation and business development opportunities.



Meet and connect with those transforming the energy sector with new ideas and new ways of thinking. You will get full access to the attendee list and be able to book virtual meetings with interesting people live on our platform.

Lead generation

Establish connections with tech giants and the tech fireflies, the old-world old grid leaders who are reinventing themselves together with the new energy leaders. Meet them virtually and extend your network.


Featuring more than 150 hours of curated content from over 120 innovators and disruptors in the energy sector: SPARK will bring together traditional and novel business models.