Stuart Harvey | Interim Director of Capital Programmes
London Underground

Stuart Harvey, Interim Director of Capital Programmes, London Underground

Stuart Harvey started his career with London Underground in September 1981 as an apprentice signalling engineer. He then spent several years post apprenticeship as a computer programmer writing and testing complex code for the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines. After a spell in the Chief Engineer’s department, Stuart then made a move into a more business-focused role, where he was a business client for major projects, both in Crossrail and the Jubilee Line Extension.

Stuart then moved into prime delivery roles as he negotiated and set up a team to deliver the Terminal 5 extension of the Piccadilly line extension to Terminal 5 private finance initiative (PFI). This was rapidly followed by deployment to lead the troubled Connect PFI providing fibre, trains and station radio across the London Underground network. This included delivery of the emergency services network below ground after the 7/7 bombings.

A brief period was then spent in London Underground driving upgrade delivery under the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract, before being deployed to Tube Lines to complete the complex Jubilee line upgrade, as the PPP contract came back in house. Securing the role of Tube Lines Director of Projects, Stuart then went about negotiating and delivering the Northern line signalling upgrade, eight months ahead of programme and significantly under budget. 

This led to Stuart’s current role of negotiating the new signalling contract and delivering the Four Lines Modernisation programme, one of the largest signalling projects in the world. This has recently been supplemented by the World Class Capacity and Information Communications Technology programmes to form the Systems Programme in Capital Programmes Directorate.

Stuart has been married for 30 years and has two children who are currently training to be lawyers.

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