Here are just 7 of the many reasons why you should join us at RailTel & CBTC Congress 2017:


  1. Hear exclusively from Robert Powers, Assistant General Manager at BART , and understand the critical telecommunication train control upgrades that are taking place in San Francisco
  2. Debate the benefits of LTE over traditional telecommunication networks: Henok Bogale, GM of Addis Ababa Light Rail will share his experiences with the technology in Addis Ababa
  3. Understand how you can p rotect your network from cyber-attack . Ewan Lawson, Senior Research at Britain’s leading Security and Defence think tank will share the latest research and best practice for critical operations.
  4. Learn about Myanmar’s modernisation program and the key role that telecommunications will play.
  5. Explore new technologies helping to prepare for complications in projects: Stephane Callet shares how SNCF are using model based approach to implement CBTC in Paris
  6. Find out more about the biggest automation and UTO program in India – Navneet Kaushik will share the latest news from Delhi Rail Metro Corporation
  7. Join our interactive round table , looking at station WIFI and how this can be used to ensure improved customer experience