Rob Paris | Head of Sustainability and Consents

Rob Paris, Head of Sustainability and Consents, Crossrail

After 13 years in environmental and sustainability consulting Rob joined Crossrail in 2003 as part of the team responsible for delivering the environmental statement (ES) that was deposited along with the Crossrail Bill to Parliament in 2005.  During the passage of the bill through the parliamentary process he became Environment Manager and then the Head of Planning, Environment & Traffic.  He was responsible for the production of eight further volumes of the ES, for negotiating several key elements of the Crossrail Environmental Minimum Requirements (EMR) and was the co-author with  Mark Warren of Crossrail’s Sustainability Strategy.  He has been the Head of Sustainability & Consents for the last 6 years and amongst other things has been responsible for managing the teams obtaining planning, traffic and environmental consents to carry out the works, the environmental management of the works, assuring compliance with the  EMR and coordinating Crossrail’s delivery of the Sustainability Strategy

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