Gene Myers | Founder & CTO
Wyld Research

Gene Myers, Founder & CTO, Wyld Research

Wyld Mesh is a UK technology start-up that’s developed a Real Time mobile phone/device notification solution for transportation systems utilising their patent-pending mesh-based heterogeneous network. Wyld Mesh alerts passengers of service disruptions, provides peer to peer interaction, and updates their Live Journey planner. Passengers, and front line staff, can reroute journeys even while offline.
Wyld Mesh’s Mobile SDK can be integrated into existing mobile apps easily, and the Wyld Fusion platform can integrate multiple datasets and delivers a secure, single pane-of-glass view of the system status, and personalised, contextually relevant updates directly into the passenger’s hands, while providing analytical insight into passenger sentiment and journey patterns.  This improves customer experience, maximises network efficiency for operators, and provides an unparalleled emergency solution for all.

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