Ramon Azuara | Director General
Renfe Pasajeros

Ramon Azuara, Director General, Renfe Pasajeros

Dr Ramón A. Azuara Sánchez is the Director General of Renfe Viajeros on the General Operations board of Renfe Group. With a Bachelors in Business Science, he has developed his career within Renfe, having started in 1983. Among other responsibilities, he has held the positions of Director of Commuter Customers, Commercial Director and Commuter Planning, Project Manager and Innovation of Commuter and Middle Distance Stations, Director of Management Control and Purchasing of the General Directorate of Travelers.
D. Ramón A. Azuara Sánchez es Director General de Renfe Viajeros de la Dirección General de Operaciones del Grupo Renfe. Licenciado en Ciencias empresariales, ha desarrollado su trayectoria profesional en Renfe, empresa en la que ingresó en 1983. Entre otras responsabilidades ha ocupado los puestos de Director de Clientes de Cercanías, Director Comercial y de Planificación de Cercanías, Director de Proyectos e Innovación de Estaciones de Cercanías y Media Distancia, Director de Control de Gestión y Compras de la Dirección General de Viajeros.


World Metro Rail Congress Day 1 @ 09:30

Keynote Panel: How can the rail industry fully embrace the digital revolution and bring us into the 21st century?

  • What will be the ultimate impact of IoT, artificial intelligence and sensor led technology on our business and our passengers?
  • Are future integrated transport networks still going to rely on systems that feed the metro, or more point-to-point solutions?
  • How will maintenance systems change and what will we need to do to integrate and effectively use all the data now becoming available?
  • The future for artificial intelligence in rail, how can it help keep trains moving, avoid delays and improve customer service?
  • Passenger expectations are rising – How do operators cater for the modern multimodal ‘always connected’ passenger?

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