Leanne Redden | Executive Director
Regional Transportation Authority Chicago

Leanne Redden, Executive Director, Regional Transportation Authority Chicago

Leanne Redden was appointed executive director of the RTA in October, 2014. In her role as executive director, Redden heads the unit of local government charged with regional financial oversight, funding, and transit planning for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace Bus and ADA Paratransit (the Service Boards). Before joining the RTA, Redden was Chief of Planning for the Illinois Tollway and Director of Transportation for the Village of Schaumburg.

Redden was instrumental in developing Strategic Long Range Planning initiatives for the region’s transit system and was a key player in the state’s 2008 Funding Reform Legislation. Under her leadership, the RTA Planning Department completed the first Regional Market and Systems Analysis and Bus Rapid Transit work, including the region’s first bus-on-shoulder service.

Redden was named 2015 “Woman of the Year” by the Chicago chapter of Women in Transportation, is a Conference of Minority Transportation Officials 2016 “Woman Who Moves the Nation” and a 2006 alumna of the Leadership Greater Chicago.  In 2016, she was named to the Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity board of directors and is also a member of the Ely Chapter of the Lambda Alpha International Land Economics Society, for her work relating to the use and re-use of land.   Redden also serves on the American Public Transportation Association’s Board of Directors.  

To learn about more about the RTA, follow the agency blog, Ride On, and follow Executive Director Redden on Twitter @LReddenRTA.


Rail Live 2019 - 6th March @ 13:10

The future of mobility in Chicago

  • Revolutionising transport with our new initiative
  • How are we preparing for the capacity needed in 2030?
  • Which technologies are we looking to incorporate as part of our plans?

Rail Live 2019 - 6th March @ 17:15

How can we invest in billion-euro projects and be sure that they will ready for future passenger demands?

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  • What are thetechnologies we should be looking into regarding innovation in mobility?
  • What are the benefits of open data and what role can it play in these projects?
  • How can we be sure to integrate this innovation across our entire system and company?
  • How can we regulate and invest intechnologies for a smooth introduction of disruptors?
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