Tanya Potashnik | Director Policy & Economic Analysis, Patented Medicine Prices Review Board
Goverment Of Canada

Tanya Potashnik, Director Policy & Economic Analysis, Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, Goverment Of Canada

A career public servant, Tanya Potashnik possesses a breadth of knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical environment in Canada both from a provincial and Federal perspective. Tanya is currently the Director of policy and economic analysis at the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. Prior to this role, Tanya served as manager and senior economist at the Board in charge of, among other things, the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) initiative. Tanya has also held policy and management positions in Health Canada and the BC Ministry of Health. Tanya received her Bachelors of Arts from the University of Winnipeg in Economics and Business and received her Masters of Arts from the University of Victoria in economics.


Pharma Pricing & Market Access USA Day 1 @ 11:30

PANEL: Transparency across the drug supply chain- how can we get costs out in the open?

  • Pharmaceuticals originate in manufacturing sites; are transferred to wholesale distributors; stocked at retail, mail-order, and other types of pharmacies; subject to price negotiations and processed through quality and utilization management screens by pharmacy benefit management companies (PBMs); dispensed by pharmacies; and ultimately delivered to and taken by patients
  • How to deliver the best value to patients and those that are exposed to vulnerability from high prices
  • What each player does and the role that it plays in the flow of pharmaceuticals from manufacturer to patient
  • How cash flow works between the manufacturer and the patient
  • What would be the impact of greater transparency?

Pharma Pricing & Market Access USA Day 2 @ 14:30

PANEL: Market access evolution in Canada – past, present, and the future

  • Ensure that prices at which pharmaceutical companies sell their patented medicines in Canada are not excessive
  • Ensuring a sustainable pharmaceutical system where payers have the information they need to make smart reimbursement choices
  • Ensuring effective access of your biosimilar into the marketplace

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