Andreas Kogelnik | President and Founder
Open Medicine Institute

Andreas Kogelnik, President and Founder, Open Medicine Institute

Andreas Kogelnik Phd, M.D
Founder and CEO, Open Medicine Institute

Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD, is the Director of the Institute.  He completed his MD at Emory University School of Medicine and his PhD in Bioengineering at Georgia Tech.  He trained as a resident in Internal Medicine and fellow in Infectious Diseases at Stanford University and remained there as a post-doc and research faculty before founding the Clinic in 2009 and Institute in 2011.
Dr. Kogelnik’s experience with software, bioinformatics and bioengineering stood him in good stead as he founded the Open Medicine Institute which is committed to revolutionize the study and treatment of difficult chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  The Open Medicine Institute’s OMI-Merit Initiative created a consensus set of funding priorities for the chronic fatigue syndrome field, and the OpenMedNet project optimizes data collection and sharing for doctors and patients. A Patient Registry and Biobank are also part of the OMI.
Dr. Kogelnik is also a practicing physician and is a member of Health Rising’s Ask the Doctors Panel. 


Microbiome World Congress USA Day 1 2017 @ 09:40

Presentation: Re-assessing ethical issues in Microbiome research and medicine

  • What implications does Microbiome Research have on our social and legal systems?
  • Studies to advance personalized medicine will require broad public participation to provide sufficient material for biobanks and sample banks rather than a small sample of people with a target condition. 
  • How does this change the focus from the individual to community solidarity?

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