Microbiome World Congress USA Day 2 2017

Michael Kaleko

Keynote Presentation: From Discovery to Clinical: SYN-004 (ribaxamase) Protects the Gut Microbiome from Antibiotic-Mediated Damage

  • Importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome --- when faced with the threat of antibiotics, strategies include to protect, repair, or replace the gut microbiota.
  • Discussion of ribaxamase as a means to protect the microbiome from beta lactam antibiotics.
  • Ramifications beyond the individual.
Michael Kaleko, Sr. VP, Research, Synthetic Biologics Inc
Matthew Henn

Plenary Panel: Regulations in response to the Microbiome

  • How do you work with regulators in development of Microbiome treatments?
  • How do you prevent Wild West scenarios where many companies are promoting their product and operating without oversight?
  • From FMT, Prebiotics to Probiotics, from food supplements to traditional treatments- what protocols must be established for such a wide variety of products?
  • What standards are necessary and what does solid translational evidence look like in judging the efficacy of microbial treatments?
Travis Whitfill

Panel: Securing funding from multiple sources – how to continuously show value to pharma, venture capital, and grant programs

Moderator: Travis Whitfill, CSO, Azitra
Chris Howerton, Head of Microbiome Discovery Platform, Assembly Biosciences, Inc.

Speed Networking

10:40 Networking coffee break



Presentation: The vaginal microbiome during pregnancy and the postpartum period

  • What differences do we see in the vaginal microbiome throughout pregnancy?
  • Does the composition and structure of the pregnancy vaginal microbiome influence susceptibility to adverse pregnancy outcomes?
  • Why are there such large differences across women of different ethnicities?

The functionality of the vaginal microbiome

  • Examining the roles of the women's urogenital conditions,physiological states, environmental factors and host genetic components to the structure and composition of the vaginal
  • Investigating the role of the vaginal microbiome in pregnancy and the peripartum period in full-term and preterm pregnancies
  • Characterizing and comparing the genomes of previously uncharacterized species of importance to women's reproductive
  • What states of the vaginal microbiome are protective?
Jennifer Fettweis, Project Director of Vaginal Microbiome Consortium, Virginia Commonwealth University

Presentation: CommenSe Health

James Mutamba, Associate, PureTech Ventures LLC


Marina R. Walther-Antonio

Roundtable 1: Vaginal Microbiome: How do we establish “Normal” and “healthy” ecosystems?

Lynn Schriml

Roundtable 2: Translating environmental microbiome: What can we learn from microbial interactions in various environments that can aid us in understanding the human microbiome and developing treatment


Host: Lynn Schriml, Associate Professor, Institute for Genome Sciences, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Roundtable 3: The gut-brain axis: The other information superhighway

12:50 Networking lunch break




Presentation: Bugs as drugs for the skin: novel microbiome-based strategies for skin diseases 

  • The skin microbiome is often overlooked the yet it plays a critical role in human health
  • How are fluctuations in the skin microbiome associated with numerous diseases?
  • Skin models in vitro and in vivo are imperfect in recapitulating the skin microbiome 
  • What novel strategies focused on the skin microbiome have shown promise in altering skin disease?

Presentation: Skin Microbiome Editing

  • Dr. Huang's lab has established a Skin Probiotic Bank.
  • How do you develop various carbohydrate-polymer conjugates as selective fermentation inducers (SFIs) for editing skin microbiome?
  • Furthermore, fifty skin probiotic bacteria can be used as probiotics for treatment of more than twenty skin diseases including acne vulgaris.

Microbiome of the built environment – from research to application

  • How can we examine the formation and function of microbial communities in built environments?
  • What are the impacts of such communities on human health?
  • How do humans shape complex indoor microbiomes?
Lynn Schriml, Associate Professor, Institute for Genome Sciences, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Transforming the therapeutic landscape for atopy and asthma

  • Focusing on the design of a mixed-species therapeutic microbial consortium to treat airway inflammation.  
  • How do you leverage multi-scale next-generation microbiome analyses to develop and test microbial-based therapeutics for induction and maintenance of immune tolerance?
  • How can we use the microbiome to drive patient stratification and tailored microbial therapeutics?


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