P95 is a company dedicated to healthcare research in the fields of Pharmacovigilance, Epidemiology and Pharmaco-Epidemiology.  It was founded by Thomas Verstraeten in June 2011.  The current P95 team is composed by 10 epidemiologists, 2 of who are also physicians, two biostatisticians, 2 data analysts and a medical writer. Projects in which P95 is or has been involved span most areas of epidemiology and pharmacovigilance, including such activities as literature reviews, protocol development, study set-up, identification of investigators, statistical analyses, conference presentations, publication writing, process development, reviews of risk management plan, pharmacovigilance training and DSMB support.  

In 2015, P95 set up a dedicated team to perform real world data analyses.  Since its initiation, P95 has performed several studies on a variety of databases including the CPRD.  A recently published study used the CPRD to assess the medical burden of several causes of acute gastro-enteritis. Other studies, presented at several conferences and currently in preparation for publication, involved a variety of topics such as the seasonality of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, the impact of rotavirus vaccination on non-vaccinated cohorts, the effectiveness of Zoster vaccination, and mortality following acute gastro-enteritis.  In addition, some P95 members have been involved in other studies involving real world data, including studies of Hepatitis in diabetics, Zoster and Pertussis.