With a combined 200+ speakers, 600+ attendees and hundreds of companies in attendance, the Immuno-Oncology Profiling Congress will provide a platform to solve the clinical and commercial aspects impacting incorporation of the precision medicine approach into immuno-oncology.




Pre-clinical & Clinical

Discover how Antibody Therapies, Adoptive T-Cell Therapies, NK Cell Therapies, personalized Cancer Vaccines & Oncolytic Virus therapies are advancing clinically from leading biotechs, pharma & academics

Combination Immunotherapy

With every trial becoming combinational, the distinction between different immunotherapy treatments is merging – learn how your treatment can be integrated into other indications for better clinical efficacy and patient outcome

Immune Characterisation

Hear about the most innovative diagnostics & novel immune profiling technologies that allow us to better understand the human immune system and aid therapeutic design & treatment strategies in cancer

Bioinformatics/ Big Data

Learn how Big Data is being used to predict immunotherapy responses, model cancer pharmacogenomics & enable the rational design of combinatorial immunotherapy for patient treatment

Biomarkers & Patient Selection

The success of immune checkpoint inhibitors in a subset of cancer patients has led to major efforts in identifying predictive biomarkers. Discover how big pharma are collaborating to create biomarker assay reference standards and how they plan to facilitate pre-competitive information sharing

Infectious Disease & Cancer

Co-located with the World Vaccine Congress, the event connects infectious disease immunologists with cancer experts to help accelerate research & development and collaboration


Excellent mix of basic, applied and translational vaccinology with good high level industry representation

Professor, University of South Australia




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