Aude-Hélène Capietto | Senior Scientific Researcher, Cancer Immunology

Aude-Hélène Capietto, Senior Scientific Researcher, Cancer Immunology, Genentech

Dr Aude-Hélène Capietto is an immunologist with a research focus on improving anti-tumor T cell responses. She first did her PhD in France focusing on gammadelta T cell immunotherapies. Then, she did her postdoc at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis where she studied T-cell immunosuppression by Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in bone metastasis. In order to further apply her knowledge to design immunotherapies for cancer patients, she joined Genentech as a Senior Scientific Researcher in the Cancer Immunology department. She has been the project manager for improving neoantigen selection for individualized neoantigen-specific therapies at Genentech for several years, and she is very excited to see the results being incorporated into clinical trials.

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