Tzvika Hartman | SVP Computation
Biolojic Design

Tzvika Hartman, SVP Computation, Biolojic Design

Tzvika is SVP Computational at Biolojic Design.
He has an experience of 30+ years in computer science research and software engineering. He started his career in an Elite intelligence unit in the IDF as a mathematics researcher. Following that he did his first degree in mathematics and computer science in Bar-Ilan University, and his post-graduate studies in the Weizmann Institute. The Masters focused on computational complexity, and the PhD on algorithms for bioinformatics, mainly DNA sequencing and genome rearrangements. During his studies he worked as a part-time software engineer in Orbotech.
Following that he spent 2.5 years as a postdoc researcher in the Weizmann Institute and Bar Ilan, focusing on algorithms for bioinformatics.
He worked 13 years at Google Tel-Aviv as a software engineer and researcher. In the first 8 years he worked on various projects and products such as search engine infrastructure and quality, Google Trends, and routing optimization of Google's internal data center network. Following that, he initiated, founded and managed Google Tel-Aviv's Health group for 5 years, leading various projects such as de-identification of healthcare data, extracting information from medical notes, predictions based on EHR of ICU patients and more.


Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 12:20

Computational AI-driven design of smart antibodies.

Proteins are dynamic machines that can sense changes in the environment and respond tothem. They can also activate other proteins or bind different targets under differentconditions. However, currently, therapeutic proteins do not utilize the full potential ofproteins. Biolojic Design's computational platform designs dynamic antibodies that areprogrammed to respond to changes in the environment and to act differently under differentbiological conditions. This leads to better and safer therapies. The first such computationallydesigned antibody is in phase 1. In this talk I will describe Biolojic’s design process, which involves both computational and wet lab work.The major part of the talk will be dedicated to the computational aspects, which aim to compute and predict antibody properties based onboth public and proprietary data.

last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT
last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT

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