Julio Baez | Bioengineering Industrial Advisor
University of California San Diego

Julio Baez, Bioengineering Industrial Advisor, University of California San Diego

Julio's 40 year experience in the bioprocessing industry allows him to match bioprocesses with products considering technology, quality, cost and volume. Julio worked for large (Cipla, US Department of Energy, Searle, Monsanto, Upjohn) and small biotechnology companies (Fibrogen, Richmond Chemicals) conducting and managing upstream and downstream processes while developing innovative technologies. Julio is currently working with faculty and students at UCSD to implement effective bioprocessing technology instruction and access to local facilities. More recently, Julio worked in the development of biosimilars at Cipla and led a unit of the US Department of Energy committed to developing processes for biofuels and industrial bioproducts. In addition, Julio teaches biopharmaceutical, biochemistry, bioprocessing and agricultural biotechnology courses and workshops at leading universities and international conferences.


Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 14:20

Innovative Manufacturing for the Production of Affordable Biosimilars

Festival of Biologics Day 3 @ 11:10

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last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT
last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT

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