Pall ForteBio

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Pall ForteBio is a globally operating high-tech company that develops, produces and markets analytical systems to accelerate biotherapeutic drug discovery and development. These advanced bio-analytical systems facilitate unique real-time, label-free insights into molecular interactions, providing information on affinity, kinetics and concentration. The company supports rapid and cost-effective decision making in life science research and development by measuring biomolecular interactions involving cells, antibodies, proteins, small molecules and fragments using high throughput platforms powered by Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and next generation Surface Plasmon Resonance (diSPR) technology.
The Octet and BLItz systems use a proprietary microfluidics-free approach which allows for unprecedented throughput of up to 96 samples in parallel, reducing operating costs, and increasing system flexibility to accommodate a variety of sample types. 
The SPR based Pioneer systems extend measurement to include molecules smaller than 150 Daltons and provide insight into fragment analysis and protein aggregation. OneStep® allows full kinetics characterization or titration over 3-4 orders of magnitude in concentration in a single injection.