Dr Steffen Hartmann | Global Head Integrated Biologics Profiling

Dr Steffen Hartmann, Global Head Integrated Biologics Profiling, Novartis

Steffen studied Chemistry and Biochemistry in Germany and USA. He performed his Ph.D. work at the Friedrich-Miescher Institute for BioMedical Research in Basel, Switzerland. After working more than ten years as Protein Analytics Labhead and Group Leader at Novartis Research, he was responsible to set up a Developability Assessment group in the newly established Integrated Biologics Profiling unit (IBP). In his current role as Global Head Integrated Biologics Profiling, he is leading a unit responsible for the developability assessment of all Biologics molecules of the Novartis pipeline transitioning into Development and the cell line development of state-of-the-art production cell lines and strains.


EAC 2017 Day 2, Wednesday 1st November 2017 @ 17:00

An integrated approach to assess the developability of biologics

  • Developability assessment of Biologics: how to select the winners
  • Immunogenicity risk assessment
  • State-of-the art cell line development

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