Dr Sagrario Arias Rivas | Principal Scientist and Project Manager
Batavia Biosciences

Dr Sagrario Arias Rivas, Principal Scientist and Project Manager, Batavia Biosciences

Dr. Arias Rivas is Principal Scientist at Batavia Biosciences’ Project Office, where she is responsible for Innovation & Developing New Technologies. She has a profound background in Microbial Process Development for all major classes of biopharmaceuticals. Sagrario has a PhD on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and is co-author of 5 patents and 16 scientific publications and book chapters. For the past 10 years, she has hold positions at Batavia Biosciences, as Principal Scientist Upstream Development, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research and has worked on a collaborative project between Crucell Vaccine Institute and Leiden University. During this time, she has been involved in the development of several vaccines and the production of (therapeutic) proteins, antibodies and biopolymers

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