Ruediger Jankowsky | Managing Director
Cinfa Biotech

Ruediger Jankowsky, Managing Director, Cinfa Biotech

Ruediger Jankowsky is the Managing Director at Cinfa Biotech, the biosimilar company of the Spanish Infarco group. He was appointed Managing Director of Cinfa Biotech in 2014 with the goal to establish the company in the market for high-quality biosimilars. From 2014 until today, Ruediger has built the operational structure of Cinfa Biotech at a fully integrated level. Furthermore, he has successfully brought the first biosimilar product candidate to clinical development stage. His responsibilities include the development of Cinfa Biotech’s product portfolio, the setup of development, manufacturing and commercialisation structures as well as the corporate strategy.

Ruediger is a PhD biochemist by training. He has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry where was in charge of the development of numerous medicinal products in the areas of oncology and inflammation. He has successfully led development programs for small molecule and protein-based medicinal products through different stages of early- and late-stage clinical development. Ruediger held various senior executive positions in global and mid-size pharmaceutical companies. Before he joined Cinfa Biotech, Ruediger was responsible for the global project management of multiple biosimilar development projects at Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals.


Biosimilars Day 1 - Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 16:50

A mid-size company perspective on biosimilar development: from the idea to the market

  • The biosimilar market as an attractive arena for specialised players
  • Overcoming the challenges of biosimilar development with a lean team and efficient development programs
  • Choosing the right path for market entry

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