Peter Jorgensen | Chief Executive Officer

Peter Jorgensen, Chief Executive Officer, I.G.L.

•    I have a Master in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen (1977)
•    I have more than 40 years of professional experience, including: 
o    Head of section in the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Labour
o    Labour Counsellor at the Danish UN-mission in Geneva
o    Health Counsellor at the Danish EU-representation in Brussels
o    Spokesman in the European Commission in Brussels for the Danish Commissioner for the Environment and Climate Change 
o    Advisor in the cabinet of the Danish Minister for Health
o    Head of International Affairs in the Association of Danish Pharmacies (the pharmacy owners)
o    Since 2013: CEO in The Danish Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association
•    I am married with two (grown) children – and I have a beautiful granddaughter 


Biosimilars Day 1 - Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 11:35

Plenary Roundtable Discussion Session

8 senior level tables hosted by thought leaders on key challenges and opportunities in antibody drug development. Participants are invited to join the group discussions on a topic of importance to them.

ROUNDTABLE 2 What does sustainability mean for the industry? How can all stakeholders collaborate to create a sustainable environment?

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