Dr Oliver Spadiut | Group Leader of Integrated Bioprocess Development
Vienna University of Technology

Dr Oliver Spadiut, Group Leader of Integrated Bioprocess Development, Vienna University of Technology

Dr. Oliver Spadiut has studied Food Science and Biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna). During his studies, he spent several months in other research labs abroad (see CV) to gain more knowledge and to broaden his horizon. After 18 months of successful post-doctoral research at the Royal University of Technology KTH in Stockholm, Sweden, he became University Assistant at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Currently, O. Spadiut is group leader of the research group "Integrated Bioprocess Development" and successfully finalized his Habilitation in March 2015. His publication list to date covers 66 scientific peer-reviewed publications (see CV) underlining the importance and general interest in his research.


EAC 2017 Day 2, Wednesday 1st November 2017 @ 15:15

The production of a novel scFv against coeliac disease – from gene to final product

  • Introduction to coeliac disease and a novel scFV for treatment
  • Overview of the scFV inclusion body process and challenges therewith
  • Integrated Bioprocessing – how does one Unit Operation influence the other in the scFV IB process?
  • Is the final product useful and competitive to available treatment?

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