Dr Milena Kalaitsidou | Post Doctoral Research Associate (University of Manchester)

Dr Milena Kalaitsidou, Post Doctoral Research Associate (University of Manchester), GSK

Milena Kalaitsidou is currently a postdoctoral research associate working on a collaborative project between the Clinical and Experimental Immunotherapy group at the University of Manchester and the Cell and Gene Therapy Discovery Research team at GSK as part of the ETRB programme. Dr. Kalaitsidou performed her PhD studies in the University of Manchester under the supervision of Dr. David Gilham. Her project involved investigation of T cell responses towards leukaemic fusion proteins and it was completed in 2016.


WIC 2017 Day 2, Wednesday 1st November 2017 @ 15:15

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) vehicles for adoptive cell therapy in solid tumours

  • CAR expressing T cells and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes targeting solid tumours
  • Differences between peripheral and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes
  • Strategies for improvement of adoptive cell therapy in solid tumours

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