Martin Axon | Principal, Occupational Hygienist of Operations for Europe

Martin Axon, Principal, Occupational Hygienist of Operations for Europe, Safebridge

Martin Axon is Principal Occupational Hygienist for SafeBridge Europe. 
He has a number of years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry; his first role was site occupational hygienist for an American multinational pharmaceutical company where he gained experience of primary and secondary manufacturing sites; he worked primarily in the UK, but also provided support for potent compound manufacturing sites in the Bahamas and California. 
Following ten years working in academia, Martin joined SafeBridge in 2005. His current role includes advising on the safe handling of potent pharmaceutical compounds by encouraging the application of a systematic approach to evaluation and control. This approach is supported by a knowledge of the effectiveness of available control technologies. 
Martin has degrees in chemistry and environmental pollution science. He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Occupational Hygiene Society and a Chartered Member of the Institution of Safety and Health.


HPAPI Day 1- Wednesday 1st November 2017 @ 17:25

Panel discussion: Can we unite the industry?

  • Pros and cons of hazard and control banding
  • What does risk based approach mean in practice?
  • Is one approach feasible for the industry?  

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