Mark Spengler | Director, Project Management
Chimera Biotec GmbH

Mark Spengler, Director, Project Management, Chimera Biotec GmbH

Mark started his scientific career in 1999 with a diploma in Biology at the University of Bremen, Germany. In his diploma thesis he already worked in the field of Immuno-PCR, by implementing a competitor DNA in the methodology of IPCR-ELOSA.
After three years in a biotech company, Mark went to the University of Dortmund to earn his PhD in the emerging field of directed protein evolution. Mark joint Chimera Biotec in June 2008 where he became Director of Project Management in 2010 and CEO in 2014. Mark is author and co-author of several peer reviewed publications and presentations at scientific conferences and an active member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) emerging technologies committee.


EAC 2017 Day 2, Wednesday 1st November 2017 @ 12:25

Bioanalytical PK support for immunotherapeutics: the need for sensitivity combined with broad assay range – case studies

  • Ultra sensitive GLP/GCP regulated immunoassay sample testing support for immunotherapeutics and other large-molecule Biologics
  • The need for assay sensitivity in combination with continuous quantification range in PK sample testing support for antibody-based drugs is discussed
  • Additional ligand-binding assay (LBA) solutions to typical challenges in PK support for large-molecule drugs in general, e.g. sample volume restrictions, are discussed

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