Jorge González Borroto | Pharmacovigilance Officer/Senior Toxicologist
Ferrer Internacional, S.A.

Jorge González Borroto, Pharmacovigilance Officer/Senior Toxicologist, Ferrer Internacional, S.A.

Senior Toxicologist with more than 15 years working in the field of nonclinical toxicology and safety assessment. Professional experiences from Pharma Companies and Contract Research Organization. Senior Toxicologist involved in the Pharmacovigilance Department to support the efficacy, safety and well-use of medicines of our Company. Experience acting as a Medical Adviser in dermatological area in Medical-Scientific support worldwide to the medicines of our Company. Study director, design, conduction and preparation of final reports of in vitro and in vivo toxicological studies in drug development, drug-candidate selection. Experience in toxicological data interpretation, preparation of nonclinical toxicology-safety report, reviews and summaries of safety of new drugs to support clinical studies


HPAPI Day 1- Wednesday 1st November 2017 @ 16:45

Toxicological approach in PDE. Scientific analysis of preclinical toxicology and clinical data of API

  • Review of guidelines requirements for limit of exposure to API
  • Schedule of PDE procedures in pharma companies. How and what to consider
  • Data and Case study from internal experiences in PDE at Ferrer Internacional S.A (Medium Pharma company)

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