Dr James Legg | Vice President, Research and Development
Crescendo Biologics Ltd

Dr James Legg, Vice President, Research and Development, Crescendo Biologics Ltd

James Legg is currently VP Research and Development at Crescendo Biologics in Cambridge UK where he is responsible for Crescendo's building portfolio of Immuno Oncology Humabody Biologics. Prior to joining Crescendo, James completed a Ph.D in Molecular Cell Biology from Imperial College London and a Post Doc at Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now CRUK) before moving into the Biotechnology industry with a role at Cambridge Antibody Technology and then a number of positions within MedImmune, the Biologics arm of AstraZeneca. 


WIC 2017 Day 1, Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 15:10

Targeting immune checkpoints with humabody VH therapeutics

  • Crescendo Biologics develops Humabody VH products, small highly adaptable and flexible proteins which can be developed into differentiated therapeutics
  • I will give an overview of Crescendo’s approach to developing Immune checkpoint inhibitors and products in immuno oncology
  • I will describe development of a BiParatopic Humabody targeting the checkpoint molecule PD-1

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