Catherine Evans | Business Development Manager for Biopharma
Bruker U.K. Ltd

Catherine Evans, Business Development Manager for Biopharma, Bruker U.K. Ltd

Catherine Evans has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of York (U.K.) and has over fifteen years’ experience in the application of mass spectrometric technologies within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Catherine works for Bruker Daltonics in the UK and is their European Business Development Manager for Biopharmaceutical Applications. The application of mass spectrometry within the biopharmaceutical industry is a great focus for Bruker Daltonics and Catherine is involved in the development of hardware and software solutions, which help solve the analytical challenges within this evolving area.


Biosimilars Day 1 - Tuesday 31st October 2017 @ 13:15

Lunchtime workshop: Overcoming the challenges of intact biotherapeutics characterization

Lunchtime Workshop: Overcoming the challenges of intact biotherapeutics characterization with ultra-high resolution mass spectrometers and the latest in automated biopharmaceutical software package Biopharma Compass 2.0

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