JPT Innovative Peptide Solutions


JPT Peptide Technologies is the leading provider of peptide based products and services for the development of new immune therapies. Our high throughput PepTrack™ - peptide libraries, designed for clinical T-cell assays, allow fast and high quality antigen target validation and as well neo-epitope prioritization. PepMixTM - antigen spanning and matrix peptide pools - are the most robust tool for antigen specific stimulation of cellular immune responses for immune monitoring and cellular therapy approaches. The ‘Universal T-cell Assay Standard’ TERS™ kits enable standardization of clinical T-cell assays by generation of defined TCR engineered T-cells. Our patented PepStar™ - peptide microarrays allow epitope resolved profiling of humoral immune responses and seromarker discovery. JPT's GxP Peptide platform enables economical access to high quality peptides for the development of cellular therapy applications.