Radaro is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines and optimizes ‘last mile delivery’. Our world-leading SaaS platform is specifically developed for mid-market and enterprise operators, to enable our clients with frictionless, real-time and engaging last mile customer experiences.
Radaro delivers exceptional customer experience, optimizes your efficiency and helps you control your brand experience during the last mile.

Our global customers benefit from our purpose-built, full-stack technology platform that seamlessly integrates end-to-end with your current environment.  Our leading UX / UI places the customer at the center and  is simple to deploy, easy to understand and effortlessly scalable.

Our technology supports both modern ecosystems and embedded networks through a modular back-end API, web dispatch portal, iOS and Android Driver Apps and fully brand “Uber” style customer experience.

With global offices in the US, Europe, and Australia, Radaro’s technology is deployed across innovative players in the retail, grocery, restaurant, logistics, healthcare, and services industries.

Let the team at Radaro show you how we can put the “WOW” into your customer's last-mile experience.

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Joe Thull
Head of North America 
M: 612 812 1280