PrimXComposite North America


PrīmXComposite - Jointless (not extended joint) Concrete Floors with No Shrinkage and No Saw Cuts.
PrīmXComposite contains steel fibers and two types of next generation admixtures combined with ready-mix concrete to create a composite material. It requires no joints or saw cuts within each pour.
PrīmXComposite Floors:
• Are engineered to exceed design load requirements
• Increase material handling productivity
• Reduce equipment maintenance costs
• Allow storage racks to be placed and moved anywhere needed
• Are virtually maintenance free
• Have a significantly longer life cycle
PrīmXComposite has many sustainability benefits. It uses less material, eliminates hazardous silica dust from joint sawing, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by reducing cement content.
Trusted by the most sophisticated companies, PrīmXComposite has over 100 million square feet placed worldwide.