This is an opportunity for an interactive and dynamic discussion with up to 10-12 executives in the good movement industry. Though the session is limited to a few attendees, the moderation and intimacy components of this format allow sponsors to get real time insights and feedback from potential customers, as well as generate qualified leads from those who demonstrated interest in attending the session and in the discussion itself.


The most expected networking activity of the conference, when attendees mingle after a full day of meetings and presentations, in a relaxed environment, can also be an excellent opportunity for your company to showcase its brand and strengthen its positioning in front of hundreds of urban transport leaders.


This is a thought leadership opportunity for sponsors who want to showcase their companies’ leadership in areas such as smart cities & city infrastructure, technology, motion sensors & detectors, intermodal transportation and last mile delivery.


This is the best opportunity for sponsors to showcase successful case studies of clients who have used their solutions for goods transportation, infrastructure planning, last mile delivery, etc. From traditional services like technology and software, to energy and fuel-efficient vehicles, sponsors have the opportunity to educate their market from a constructive and non-commercial angle.


If your organization prefers to schedule meetings directly with the attendees, then our networking portal “Jujama” is the best channel to secure an effective schedule of 1-2-1 engagements with other attendees. Sponsors have full and unlimited access to this portal and can start using it no later than a month prior to the conference.


Though the City Freight Show is not a Trade Show, our exhibition hall is where all activities aside from the presentations take place during the conference. From the networking breaks, to the meals, meetings, speed networking, cocktail reception and all other activities, having a booth at the Expo will guarantee an additional interactive approach with attendees whose interest in your solutions might not have been identified prior to the conference. Booths can have a simple set up – banners and table for brochures and giveaways – to custom made structured with area for meetings and other activities.


If your company is not yet known in the urban transport space and you would want to be in front of every attendees or at the top of their mind, then you can have your brand on everyone’s mobile phones or lanyards. By sponsoring the WiFi network, your company name will be used as the network or password, and branded in all onsite materials. While by sponsoring the lanyards, every attendee will have your logo on them throughout the entirety of the conference.


When your organization is looking for tangible ROI at conferences, then securing a minimum number of contractual meetings is one of the ideal benefits to include in your sponsorship package. By including this benefit, our sponsors will count on a special assistance from our Networking Team to identify prospects and pre-arrange 1-2-1 meetings that will take place at the conference.

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