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PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS), a divison of Premier, Inc., is a trusted leader in accelerating healthcare improvement through services, data, and scalable solutions, spanning the continuum of care and enabling sustainable innovation and rigorous research. These services and real-world data are valuable resources for the pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic industries, academia, federal and national healthcare agencies, as well as hospitals and health systems. Since 2000, PAS researchers have produced more than 1,000 publications which appear in 264 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, covering a wide variety of topics such as population-based analyses of drugs, devices, treatments, disease states, epidemiology, resource utilization, healthcare economics and clinical outcomes. In addition, PAS has assembled a HIPAA-compliant database containing more than one billion data points representing 25 percent of U.S. hospital inpatient and outpatient discharges drawn from a geographically diverse collection of more than 1,300 U.S. sites over the past twenty years. This database enables Premier to develop new, more efficient ways to identify the necessary patient population for a trial, as well as to develop synthetic control arms for clinical trials. A synthetic control arm is one made up entirely of existing patient data from a representative population, rather than a control group made up of randomly selected trial participants. This is data that can be tokenized to other data sets and/or clinical trial patients to allow increased visibility to patient history as well as post study follow up. Additionally, Premier’s unique relationship with member sites allows Premier to foster partnerships between hospital locations and trial administrators through a hybrid clinical trial design.


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