Dr Win-Yan Chan | Research Scientist

Dr Win-Yan Chan, Research Scientist, UCB

Win-Yan joined as a Research Scientist in the Core Antibody Discovery group at UCB after completing her PhD at University College London (2016). During her PhD, Win-Yan developed and characterised a novel vaccine targeting Streptococcus pneumoniae in collaboration with ImmunoBiology, a biotech in Cambridge. This vaccine entered Phase I clinical trials in early 2016. Prior to this, Win-Yan completed her BSc in Biomedical Sciences at University College London (2007), and an MSc in Immunology at Imperial College London (2010). She is also a qualified Science teacher.


Day 1 Antibody Congress @ 15:01

Enhanced interrogation of the B cell repertoire for antibody discovery

  •     The identification and isolation of single B cells enables the generation of a panel of diverse, functional and high-quality antibodies for therapeutics, tools or reagents. 
  •     UCB’s antibody discovery platform has bead and cell based multiplexed assays built into the automated workflow and beyond, and enable optimized selection of promising candidate molecules. Using this technology, we routinely sample B cell repertoires from both humans and immunized animals to develop an array of antibodies with different specifications. 
  •     Talk explores case studies to illustrate how the system can be applied to different targets.

Dr Win-Yan Chan, Research Scientist, UCB

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