Leo Kirkovsky | Director,Clinical Assay Group

Leo Kirkovsky, Director,Clinical Assay Group, Pfizer

Dr. Kirkovsky is a Director in the La Jolla Clinical Assay Group at Pfizer. He received his PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from Moscow State University.  His PhD work focused on the preclinical and clinical evaluations of antitumor drugs from the class of diazoketones.  After completing a postdoctoral training in prostate cancer drug development at the University of Tennessee (Memphis, TN), he joined Biogen (Cambridge, MA) where he worked in the DMPK department focusing on preclinical ADME studies and clinical bioanalysis for cardiovascular and oncology indications.  In 2002, he joined Anadys Pharmaceutical in San Diego as a Group Leader and then a Director of DMPK. He established and led a DMPK group that provided a broad spectrum of ADME evaluations of small molecule drug candidates for HCV and oncology indications. He also served as a Project Leader on the NS5B HCV program.  In 2007, Dr. Kirkovsky joined Pfizer in St. Louis, where he led a preclinical in vivo and a non-GLP bioanalytical groups that supported preclinical development of small molecule drug candidates for inflammation projects. He also served as an ADME lead on the program evaluating new peptides as a potential modality for a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications.  In 2010, Dr. Kirkovsky joined the Clinical Assay Group (CAG) in Pfizer in La Jolla supporting Oncology programs including small molecule and ADC drug candidates.  Research interests include preclinical and clinical ADME evaluations and bioanalysis of a broad spectrum of drug candidates, with recent special emphasis on ADC’s.


Day 2 Antibody Congress @ 14:21

Assays for quantitation of unconjugated and conjugated payloads

  • ADC analytes and analytical methods; LCMS method for un-conjugated Calicheamicin; Hybrid LCMS methods for conjugated Calicheamicin
  • MyeChild 01 pediatric clinical trials and selection of PK assays
  • Challenges with unconjugated Calicheamicin assay validation
  • Dual-Analyte assay for Mylotarg PK in clinical and preclinical studies

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