Juliane Merz | Professor, Laboratory of Plant and Process Design
Tu Dortmund University

Juliane Merz, Professor, Laboratory of Plant and Process Design, Tu Dortmund University

Juliane Merz studied Bioengineering at the TU Dortmund University and finished her studies in 2008. Her Ph.D. thesis dealing with the separation of enzymes using foam fractionation was finished in July 2012. Since then she is heading the "Innovative downstream processes"-group at the Laboratory of plant and process design, TU Dortmund University.
The research focuses on novel process concepts for the production and purification of biochemically produced components like enzymes and secondary metabolites. For instance, foam fractionation to separate proteins by adsorbing them at a gas-liquid interface or extraction concepts immobilizing one phase of a biphasic system inside porous material as for the Tunable Aqueous Polymer Phase Impregnated Resins Technology or via centrifugal force for Centrifugal Partition Chromatography.
On the one hand the physical and (bio)chemical phenomena of the separation technologies are investigated. On the other hand new process concepts for the optimal integration of biochemical reactions and separations are studied.

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