Dr Alessandro Butte | Lecturer
ETH Zurich

Dr Alessandro Butte, Lecturer, ETH Zurich

Alessandro Butté received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 2000 from ETH Zurich. After a two-year post-doc at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he join the group of Prof. Morbidelli at ETH Zurich and completed his habilitation in 2008. During this period, his research activities focused on polymer engineering, production of nano-materials for protein purification (monoliths by reactive-gelation) and chromatography purifications of peptides, proteins and Mabs. In 2008, he joined Lonza as leader for downstream activities in the sectors small molecules and peptides and as project manager. He was also involved in the pilot program to introduce Quality by Design into R&D. In 2013, he joined back ETH as senior researcher. His current main research area is focused on the use of big data, advanced statistics and machine learning in combination with classical mechanistic models for risk management in R&D and manufacturing of biomolecules. He is author of more than 60 papers on international peer reviewed journals and several book chapters.

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