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How the telco industry is responding to Covid-19

7th April 2020 4:00 PM (SGT)

How is the telco industry responding to the Covid-19 crisis? As telcos deliberate their next move in these uncertain times, many operators have already taken steps to mitigate damage to their business and increase assurances for customers. Attend this webinar to learn about the strategies the region’s leaders have put in place, and their ongoing contingency plans.

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Exploring telco cloud strategies

14th April 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

With a growing number of people working remotely, cloud is becoming more important to servicing telco networks and revenue streams. While the transition to cloud has proven challenging for some service providers, some operators have stood out as success stories. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear first-hand from those who have accomplished this transition.

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The rise of OpenRAN

21st April 2020 11:30 AM (SGT)

The telco industry is looking to make the most of the high potential and flexibility that OpenRAN presents for network technology and security. With many operators testing solutions with a view to commercial deployment in the next two years, OpenRAN is seeing global growth. How are operators designing testing and future rollouts? Experts will answer your questions in this essential webinar.

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Monetizing analytics, AI, Big Data and IoT

28th April 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

As telcos continue to diversify and transform into agile content providers, analytics will direct the paths that telcos maneuver though. With expanding online content and video service growth, providers need insights to meet the expectations of customer demand. During the COVID-19 outbreak, billions of mobile network users across the globe will be more connected, with the help of digital tools. Telcos, and the technology that supports their networks, will forge a greater understanding of the path ahead.

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Dealing with big data: SDN & Data Centres

6th May 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

Data centres are constantly evolving and SDN is playing a key role in defining infrastructure and virtualization deployments. With the spread and business impact of COVID-19 reaching all corners of the globe, the demands on telco networks are not only increasing but coming from new, and growing sources. This increase in demand for data and connectivity is putting greater demand on traditional network architecture.

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Improving Asia’s mobile money business models

13th May 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

Telecoms innovation is growing and the relationship between operators and fintech companies is becoming increasingly connected. Finding flexible solutions in markets during these unprecedented times is crucial for both banking and the telecoms sector. Both industries can offer valuable insights and market opportunities to one another.

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eSports as a growing partner for telco revenue

20th May 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

While the current global health pandemic has left sports stadiums empty across the globe, it is online stadiums that are filling up with audiences and contestants determined to get their sports kick. The digital environment is becoming a safer space with streaming offering an unparalleled opportunity for eSports companies to showcase their industry. Telcos can be the perfect partner for eSports companies to broaden their audience and provide content and bandwidth to an industry set to boom again.

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Protecting your networks from cybersecurity threats in the 5G era

27th May 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

The growth of network virtualization leaves elements of the telco ecosystem vulnerable to cyber threats on their networks. As a software-driven network, 5G will bring with it new security questions that may not have arisen with previous generations of connectivity.

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Creating a winning digital CX model

2nd June 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

With growing usage and demand worldwide, telcos have recognized the need for greater customer engagement in an increasingly competitive environment. CX strategies are now imperative to the telco model.

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Enterprise based 5G growth

9th June 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

While rhetoric around 5G has largely focused on its eventual impact upon consumer services, the space for potential growth in enterprise has gone under the radar. However, the potential for service providers to go after new revenue streams within enterprise and respected partners may present greater opportunities.

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Carriers digital growth strategies in 2020 and beyond

16th June 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

Traditional wholesale services are being commoditized, and wholesalers are under increasing price pressure from new OTT players. How are wholesalers adapting to new business models that attract new customers and create new revenue streams?

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How do we monetize next-gen roaming?

23rd June 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

With the need to quickly adapt to a long-lasting stay at home culture, 2020 will be an important year for operatorstocontinue tointroduceinnovative new services and business modelsto enable roaming capabilitiesfor customers across borders.

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Moving telcos to ‘The Edge’

30th June 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

With 5G already deployed in some countries, the emergence of IoT devices and greater global wireless access and the role of edge computing to core telco network models is rising significantly. Across a multitude of areas including latency, data, network virtualization and bandwidth, edge is amplifying opportunities for service providers across the entire telco ecosystem.

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Viettel’s journey to an international-awarded Online Charging System with Aerospike

7th July 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

Aerospike is trusted by leading global enterprises to build and deploy modern data architecture solutions. In 2016, Aerospike started a partnership with Viettel that led to the creation of the international award-winning Viettel Online Charging System (vOCS). From zero subscribers and in just two years, Viettel OCS system has served more than 170 million subscribers in 11 countries with an availability of 99.999%, and more than 3000 tariff packets/system.

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How do we reach Digital Inclusion timelines? The case for non-terrestrial networks

14th July 2020 2:00 PM (SGT)

Given today’s circumstances, keeping families in touch, enabling work and study from home, and supporting first responders are even more critical. Helping the entire world stay connected has become a shared goal. Global connectivity requires an intricate ecosystem of partners, each providing their expertise, and the satellite industry plays a unique role in offering coverage for backhaul connectivity in all parts of Asia-Pacific. With only 48.8% in Asia-Pacific connected online, how can satellite operators, telecommunications industries, and government organisations collaborate to achieve digital inclusions and connect users today?

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Network upgrades and reinforcing the value of broadband post Covid-19

6th August 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

As WFH culture, and global internet usage surges in 2020, increased pressure has been placed upon our broadband infrastructure. With the demand for data rising across the board, speed, quality and reliability of broadband services, as well as our entire network ecosystem must be supported. The following year will see telcos and their partners working on new directions that improve broadband and network services, while making digitalisation more accessible for the entire market.

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