Nicola Flanagan | Head Of Innovation
Oakleigh State School

Nicola Flanagan, Head Of Innovation, Oakleigh State School

As an educational leader with over 20 years of experience in leading the effective leveraging of technology to support and extend learning, Nicola is passionate about designing learning that empowers students to make an impact on the world. At her school site and when working as a consultant and Apple Professional Learning Specialist, she supports educators to identify opportunities related to curriculum, technology and inquiry/design.Edit Speaker Profile BioBig Image URL


EduTECH Asia Virtual 2020 K-12 Conference Day 1 @ 09:30

Live Panel: Creating and implementing an effective emergency preparedness and crisis response plan

Emergencies can happen at any time, and when they happen at school, everyone should be prepared to handle them safely and effectively. How can administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students work together to promote and maintain school-wide safety and minimise the effects of emergencies and other dangerous situations.
last published: 19/Jun/20 01:16 GMT

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